“Wandering Star” cover (Portishead) Airplay

If you didn’t catch it, go get it now! AMA did a totally dark cover of the already-dark “Wandering Star” by Portishead. It got spun in the UK on SHMU.fm, and got a really cool review.  There’s a free download for ya of this one, and get ya’selves ready for another cover coming soon…it’s a surprising one!  https://soundcloud.com/amaesthetic/wanderingstar/

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WBRU :: Future Tense Album Review

Am Aesthetic – Future Tense

If you’re new to AM Aesthetic, settle down and get comfortable. An alt rock band based in the dog-eat-dog urban landscape of New York, these guys kick out tunes in the vein of Lostprophets and 30 Seconds To Mars, with huge sounds and even bolder tunes. Signed to New York City based indie label BHi Music Group and commissioned by music industry and digital entertainment veteran Dick Wingate, alongside co-founders/managing BHiMG’s partners Christian Cedras and Krista Retto, AM Aesthetic is sure to give the music industry a run for its money for the remaining of 2014 and beyond. The band just released its 13-track album Future Tense on October 21st and is expected to gain even more momentum in the coming months with its current distribution through Caroline Distribution, a division of Capitol Music Group.  Catch a glimpse of AM Aesthetic’s video soundtracks below:

Read More: Introducing BHi Music Group’s AM Aesthetic | 95.5 WBRU | http://www.wbru.com/introducing-bhi-music-groups-am-aesthetic/?trackback=tsmclip

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Album Review on PaperWingsMedia

Read Here

AM Aesthetic is a three-piece rock and roll combo consisting of long-time friends Rob Suchecki, Patrick Raimondi and RJ Dowhan. Their sound is driven, direct and personal, falling somewhere in between the energy of Mutemath and the melodies of Stereophonics.

The interesting thing about AMA is that you can actually perceive some influences coming from the British music scene, in particular, that handful of bands who were really big starting from the mid 90s to the mid noughties (I am talking about The Verve, Coldplay, Doves, Oasis…). However, the band’s impact is definitely more American, echoing some of the greatest “college rock” productions (Jimmy Eat WorldorThe Fray for instance).

AMA are the best of both words: simple, yet clever melodies and arrangements + fat sounds, energy and loud guitars.

Their studio album “Future Tense” features 13 tracks that offer a really diverse palette of moods and vibes; ranging from hard-hitters such as “Double Over” or “Easy Life” to laid-back and introspective moments such as “Sunshine” and “Touch The Sky”.

This is a simple album in the best possible way: the sound of three friends pouring their heart out, playing music that they obviously enjoy and experimenting with different genres to keep things interesting.

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Movie Date Night with AM Aesthetic!

Get ready to go to the movies with AMA!  “We Caught Fire” will land as the credit crawl song in a Rom-Com set to release in 2015 called “Love Addict.”

It’s an adorable, lighthearted comedy written by award-winning Chris Pentzell and features a cast of upcoming talent along with seasoned veterans including Elliott Haddaway as the title character, Phil Proctor, Alyshia Ochse, Roger Edwards, Chanel Ryan, Brett Hunt, and the ever-so-intriguing reality star, Courtney Stodden.

Details about the film’s US release will be revealed in early 2015.

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CMJ 2014 Week

We played 2 showcases during CMJ 2014 and it was loads of fun – Check out our Gallery to see some pics. Checkout http://climaxshowcase.com/photos to see photos from the Climax Showcase with Fifth Of Bourbon, The Stone Foxes, Fenech-Soler and Jon And The Jones.

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