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A Music Blog Yea?

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ AM Aesthetic

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A Music Blog, Yea? recently caught up with New York City trio AM Aesthetic (Rob Suchecki, Pat Raimondi, and RJ Dowhan) to discuss old-fashioned jam sessions, their upcoming album, We Are Scientists, and Michael J. Fox. Here’s what they had to say:

AMBY: Hello AM Aesthetic, welcome to our site. Please introduce yourselves to our readers!

AM Aesthetic: Hey everyone! We’re Rob: Guitar and Vocals, Pat: Bass and RJ: Drums

AMBY: What’s the story behind your newest single The End?

AM Aesthetic: The End came out of a good old-fashioned jam session. We wrote it in about 10 minutes, and just captured lightning in a bottle and ran with it. It’s kind of cool to listen back and think “If we’d stopped for a beer on the way home, this song might not exist.”

AMBY: The End is a prelude single to your forthcoming album. Is there a working title or release date for the LP yet?

AM Aesthetic: Yes, the album is going to be called “Future//Tense”, and I believe it’s going to be out in mid-summer.

AMBY: Looking forward to the release; what can fans expect to hear from the record?

AM Aesthetic: This album for us is the culmination of what we’ve been doing for the past 5 years, meeting where we’re heading musically. As a whole, this album has a lot more space and dynamics than anything we’ve attempted thus far. We weren’t afraid to go big when the song called for it, where in the past we may have questioned ourselves.

AMBY: What’s the significance behind the name AM Aesthetic?

AM Aesthetic: It’s our own homage to an era in history where the only place you heard about a breaking news story, world events, listened to the President speak or heard a new song was on the AM radio in your living room. That meant that if you wanted to make it on the radio as an artist, you’d better be able to play your ass off and relate to people through your songs. That’s what we’re always trying to achieve as a band.

AMBY: Which other artists from Brooklyn should our readers check out?

AM Aesthetic: Everyone should listen to We Are Scientists. We’re big fans and knowing we live within a 5 mile radius of them is very exciting for us.

AMBY: You are allowed to say one sentence, which will reach the whole world. What would you say?

AM Aesthetic: Be nicer.

AMBY: If you could spin only one more record for the rest of your life, what would it be?

AM Aesthetic: I think the only one we all could agree on is the Alchemy Index by Thrice.

AMBY: Lastly, tell us something about AM Aesthetic that nobody knows yet.

AM Aesthetic: We’re huge Michael J. Fox fans… And he’s Canadian… So we’re really thankful to Canada for him.


Thank you AM Aesthetic, for giving us your answers!

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The End – Official Music Video

AM Aesthetic – “The End”

Watch video here

Director: Christopher Delao
Editor: Joshua Ernest Hays

Executive Producers: Krista Retto, Christian Cedras
Producer: Christopher DeLao
DP: Joshua Ernest Hays
CO1: Samantha Silver
1st AC: Pauline Gefin
2nd AC: Mark Beckerman
3rd AC: Brian Grant
Gaffer: Richard Swanson
Hair: Scott Wasserman
Makeup: Milagros Acevedo
PA1: Alora Ross

Dina Cataldi, Hunter Kohl

Lyrics by : Rob Suchecki
Music written by : Rob Suchecki | Patrick Raimondi | RJ Dowhan
Performed by : AM Aesthetic
Produced by : Christian Cedras, Krista Retto & AM Aesthetic
Executive Produced by : Dick Wingate
Mixed by : Jeremy Cimino
Mastered by : Carl Rowatti


I’m too arrogant to tell a lie
Or fake the truth and act surprised by it
Shots hit mark from the hip but
She didn’t quite think it would come to this, no

Back down, the ledge is at my feet
Cool down, it’s just not what it seems
One look was all I had to see
These lips will be the death of me

All my hopes of running
Meet my fears of falling
Down and without purpose
Ready or not, this is how the end gets told

I’m too comatose to act a wreck or
Smile as if you failed to miss your mark
Head down braced for the hit but
I didn’t quite think it would get to this

Back down, the ledge is at my feet
Cool down, it’s just not what it seems
One look was all I had to see
These lips will be the death of me

All my hopes of running
Meet my fears of falling
Down and without purpose
Ready or not, this is how the end gets told

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“The End” – Video Premiered on

AMA AM Aesthetic

AM Aesthetic Drop New Single “The End”


Here at HQ, we listen to a lot of music. Occasionally something catches our ear and stands out as something special. In Discovery of the Week, our staff bring you their personal picks and recommendations from their hours and hours of sifting through new music. This week, Gian Vassaliko (aka gianradio) brings you AM Aesthetic.

NYC Alternative power trio AM Aesthetic have just dropped the highly anticipated followup to their critically acclaimed 2013 single, ‘We Caught Fire‘. The new track, entitled ‘The End‘ is arguably some of the best work the band has ever done – making fan anticipation for their full length LP at an all-time high.

Click play below to listen to ‘The End‘:

The band have recently been hard at work crafting a full length record – their first set of new material since 2009′s “(AM)bivalence”; with tracking on the new song and forthcoming LP engineered by none other than lead singer Rob Suchecki himself; who has previously worked with the likes of Kid InkNatalia Kills and Travis Porter and more.

The bands prides themselves on their unique fuse of punk, blues and alternative rock borne from the likes of OasisGreen DaySmashing Pumpkins and Nirvana – all coming together to create a sound that is AM Aesthetic.

Be sure to check out the band on tour now…click here for a full list of dates.

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NEW VIDEO: Rocks in the Box

Rock In The Box

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 7.19.24 PM

Cinematographer Patrick Mandeville put together a short video on us. Pass it along to anyone looking to see how we compose, arrange and even partially record. Pat puts it best: “It’s 21st century jamming.” As always thanks for the support and remember our music video ‘The End‘ will be released on 3/25.


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