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SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: The Rock Shop – Friday 3/28
As you know we are super excited to share our new single and music video ‘The End’ on Tuesday, March 25th. Thank you for being loyal fans and supporting our musical journey. Come listen and have an awesome night with us to celebrate the release of our new single as we open at the Brooklyn acclaimed Rock Shop on Friday Mar 28, 2014.

The Rock Shop – 
249 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 230-5740

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8:00                         Join Us
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We Caught Fire Singled-Out on Antimusic.com

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Today Rob Suchecki from alt rock trio AM Aesthetic tells us about the band’s brand new single “We Caught Fire”. Here is the story:

This song is really interesting for us because we’ve never had a song that sounds even remotely like it before. We were all sitting around in our apartment one night, and Pat and I picked up our guitars and just started playing it. No conversation, no “hey what do you think of this riff?” — we just simultaneously played the song together without ever playing it before. Within 5 minutes, I was singing the chorus melody over the guitar riff.

We have a small studio setup in our place where we do all of our recordings, so we immediately plugged in and laid down the demo track for “We Caught Fire.” RJ demoed out the beat, and the song was more or less a framework of what it is today after about 20 minutes. There was just something about it that grabbed us; it was a moment where the three of us knew we had just uncovered something musically that we didn’t realize we had in us. It’s a departure from the more aggressive, loud riff rock songs we’ve put out previously, and is the more “friendly” side of AMA in 2014.

We had just begun our relationship with BHI maybe a month prior, and we were actually really nervous to show them “We Caught Fire” because it was such a departure from what we usually sound like. The song reminded us all of music we are influenced by, but we generally had a box we tried to keep ourselves in up until that point. We sheepishly played the demo in the office and the response was surprisingly positive from everyone. That moment was the Pandora’s box opening that enlightened us to the idea that we can push our own boundaries, and we really feel our album reflects that.

The plan is to release the second and maybe even third singles this winter in an effort to show a glimpse into the wide spectrum of the album, up until the full release in early 2014.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and check out the video here, plus learn more about the group right here!

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We Caught Fire – Music Video

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We Caught Fire Premiered on Guitar World

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Exclusive: BHi Music Group Premieres New Music Videos by Jon and The Jones and AM Aesthetic

Today, GuitarWorld.com presents the exclusive premiere of new music videos — and debut singles — by Jon and The Jones and AM Aesthetic. You can check out “Firebreather” and “We Caught Fire” below.

Jon and The Jones, a bluesy-rock-alt combo, and AM Aesthetic, an alt-rock trio, represent the first efforts from BHi Music Group, a new label headed by music industry and digital entertainment exec Dick Wingate.

“I’m pleased to launch Big House Music (BHi) with two great New York-area artists and writers, Jon and The Jones and AM Aesthetic, alongside two multi-talented entrepreneurs, Christian Cedras and Krista Retto,” Wingate says. “Their musical and business instincts, ability to execute strategic partnerships and 24/7 dedication were so compelling that they drew me to venture back into the A&R/label side of the business.

“I was highly impressed by their early development of Jon Moodie (Jon and The Jones), and we worked as a team to build a band around him and continue to develop their sound. We also signed and developed AMA over the last few months, and we’re looking quite seriously at two other acts.”

“Firebreather” and “We Caught Fire” are being offered as free downloads for a limited time. Both songs precede second singles and full albums that are scheduled for early 2014.

Download the songs here: “Firebreather” | “We Caught Fire”

For more about BHi Music Group, visit bhimusicgroup.com. For more about Jon and The Jones, visit jonandthejones.us. For more about AM Aesthetic, visit amaesthetic.com.

Jon and The Jones: “Firebreather”:


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